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queer, black, femme lens


gabrielle (she/her) is a scorpio sun with a pisces moon. she offers QTBIPOC-affirming tarot readings.

she currently resides on ohlone land (oakland, california).

  • find out what's in store with your love life.

    30 min

    52 US dollars


  • find out what 2021 has in store for you. given via phone.

    30 min

    52 US dollars
  • we'll take a look at the coming month.

    30 min

    52 US dollars
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adelmut (she / her)

my friend gifted me a session with gabrielle, and i felt like i did 6 months worth of therapy over a 30 minute phone conversation.


her reading was both honest and strength based, i walked away knowing where my growth zones are and how to deepen my connection to myself, my community, and the divine.

talia (she/ her)

i am so thankful for gabrielle’s intuition and communication skills.


She seemed warmly energized to go through each description with me, which was thoroughly enjoyable. 

i took notes on everything she said about my card spread and it’s been therapeutic to review them. she said some resonating gems!


she was also very patient with me about any questions I had to deepen my understanding, which I am grateful for. i love how she had so much to say but kept it on point.


if you are thinking about getting a reading with gabrielle, do it!

page (they / them)

"my romance reading with gabrielle was honestly such a good experience. i was kind of blown away at how on the money her intuition was.


the things she said brought so much clarity to a long term situation that has been haunting me for so long.

she's such a gem and funny too. 10 out of 10."


thanks for submitting! we'll be in touch soon.

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